Friday, May 17, 2013


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This is the general review page for Julep. Each time I review one of their boxes, it can affect its total score. I will award a score of 1 (awful) through 5 (awesomeness) on each of the following: content, value, uniqueness, shipping, customer service, and perks.

Service Type: Monthly subscription service

About: Julep is a subscription box for beauty products, with an emphasis on nail polish and nail care. They have you take a style quiz which classifies you as a "Modern Beauty", "Boho Glam", "Bombshell", "Classic With A Twist", or "It Girl". Whichever one you end up being affects what your default box will contain, but you have the option to change your style profile and an opportunity to switch to a different style before your next box ships. When you first sign up, you get to choose an intro box for your style (or a different style if you prefer). You also have the option to purchase additional intro boxes for all styles, and recent previous boxes for all styles.

Cost (in USD): Each box is $19.99, no additional cost for shipping (this seems to apply to Canada too). You can order them in increments of 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months, but unlike most other services there is no discount for ordering more at once.

Shipping From: Seattle, WA, US

Shipping Schedule: Once you order your first intro box, they'll ship it to you shortly afterwards. Your regular monthly boxes will then ship on or around the 27th of each month.

Countries They Ship To: US and Canada, with plans to expand.

Bonuses: You earn "Jules" for referrals and purchases, and also get some extra ones during your birthday month and subscription anniversary month. Jules can go towards purchases from their shop and box "add ons".

Customer Service: Extremely fast response - I sent them a message about having trouble ordering the May mystery box, and I got an almost instantaneous response.

Individual Box Reviews: Classic w/ a Twist Starter - Hooray For May mystery box - June 2013 - Miami mystery box

HM! Score:
Content: 5 Items appear to be high quality so far and are all useful. Value: 5 Items in the box retail for around 2-3x the price of $19.99. Uniqueness: 5 Unlike most other subscription boxes, you can choose between five different styles of boxes each month. Shipping: 5 Very fast, receive their products much quicker than their estimated 7-10 business days. Customer Service: 5 Extremely fast response to my request.  Perks: 4 Good, but not the best out there.

Total Score: 4.8