Saturday, July 13, 2013

Julep Destination Mystery Box - Miami

Back in June, Julep offered a Destinations mystery box - three actually: Laguna Beach, Miami, and The Hamptons. I went with Miami ("Glitzy, bold, energetic"!). I got Version 4.

Box Contents:
Rock Star Hand Creme - value $20.00
Strawberry Mint Lip Balm - value $8.00
Nail polish in "Drew" (hot pink) - value $14.00
Nail polish in "Esmeralda" (glittery emerald green) - value $14.00
Nail polish in "Tina" (light purple/lavender) - value $14.00

Total Value: $70.00

Awesome value - the box only cost $24.99!

I love the lip balm - the strawberry mint flavor is very nice - not a strong chemical flavor like some lip balms can get. And it's VERY creamy and feels very nice too!

I hadn't gotten their Rock Star hand creme yet, so I was happy to get it in this box. It has a pleasant but not overly strong scent and feels very moisturizing without greasiness.

I was quite pleased with the colors I got in this box! I had used Drew a few weeks back and had taken pictures, but - derp - I already deleted them off my phone =/ That's what I get for being so behind in posting my reviews. It's a very bright hot pink, which is how it looks in the bottle.

I've gotten a backlog of new nail colors, so I haven't tried Esmeralda or Tina yet, but I love green and purple - looking forward to seeing how these look!

Box Score: on 1-5 scale