Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Conscious Box

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This is the review page for Conscious Box in general. Each time I review one of their boxes, it can affect its total score. I will award a score of 1 (awful) through 5 (awesomeness) on each of the following: content, value, uniqueness, shipping, customer service, and perks.

Service Type: Monthly subscription service

About: Conscious Box offers various eco-conscious offerings, including food items, supplements, and body care. They currently offer three types of boxes: Classic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free. I subscribe to the Classic box, so my reviews will be based off that.

Cost (in USD): All box types are $19.95 each if you order monthly, $56.85 for three months ($18.95 per box), and $203.40 for yearly ($16.95 per box). No additional cost for shipping.

Shipping From: Portland, OR, USA

Shipping Schedule: After the 7th of every month; you have to subscribe by the 7th to start with that month's box.

Countries They Ship To: Currently the US only (including Alaska, Hawaii, APO addresses, and US territories), but according to their FAQs they are planning to offer their service to other countries soon.

Bonuses: They have a referral program - and you can actually earn real money, not just store credit! You get $5 per referral. The downside is that you have to have earned $100 (twenty referrals..!) before you can withdraw it. They also have a points system where points are awarded for answering polls and reviewing your samples. 1 point = 1 cent and can be used towards purchasing products from their store, but not subscription boxes.

Customer Service: I found them to be pretty sloooww..I did not receive either my April 2013 box or the tracking email for it, and created a ticket on 4/29/13. I got a response on 5/2/13 offering to credit my account with a box, to which I responded on 5/3 that that would be fine. As of 5/8, I haven't received any further response, I have been charged as usual for my May 2013 box, and my ticket is still listed as "open". So we'll see... *Update 5/8* Just a few hours after writing this post, Conscious Box contacted me and will provide the June box free of charge. Yay!

Individual Box Reviews: May 2013

Total HM! Score:
Content: Items are generally high quality. Value: 2 Items were only worth approximately the cost of the box - one of the pluses of signing up for a subscription is supposed to be that you're getting your items at a discount. Uniqueness: 4 This is certainly not the only eco-friendly subscription box out there. Shipping: 5 Other than the April box that went MIA, shipping time is reasonable. Customer Service: 4  Slow to respond, but very helpful and resolved the problem satisfactorily.  Perks: 3 Not the best. It takes a while to earn a significant discount with their points system, and the affiliate program reward is unobtainable for the vast majority of subscribers.

Total Score: 3.75