Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Birchbox May 2013

Now for my review on the May 2013 Birchbox! May has been a good month for subscription boxes =)

Box Contents:
Pilot Acroball pen - value $1.50
Kerastase Bain Chroma Captive shampoo sample - value approx $5
Cargo Water Resistant Blush in Los Cabos - (not sure about the difference in sizes between the sample and the full size, so let's say half value of the full size) value approx $13
COOLA Cucumber Moisturizer/Sunscreen sample - value approx $4.50
Folle de Joie perfume sample - value approx $2

Total Box Value: $26 (I did have to estimate a few things, so probably not extremely accurate)

Even with a rough estimate, it looks like a good value for a $10 box!

I did think it was kind of bizarre for Birchbox to include a pen in the box when they offer exclusively beauty/body products. But oh well, I can always use more pens!

I like the Kerastase shampoo a lot. I got the one for color treated hair (which I have) and even without pairing it with a conditioner it doesn't leave my hair too frizzy or dry. Full size is pretty expensive though  ($39!), so unless I really rack up the Birchbox points I probably won't be getting it.

The Cargo blush was okay, but I don't have much use for water resistant blush and it's a bit bright for me - if I use a light hand it's not too bad, but not my style.

The COOLA moisturizer/sunscreen was okay. It's still a tad heavy/greasy for me to want to use it as a moisturizer on a daily basis, but it's not anywhere near as bad as a regular sunscreen. Definitely has a better smell than a regular sunscreen too. So many other moisturizers (as well as BB/CC cream) that I like better have SPF protection too, so I probably won't be purchasing this one.

Like I've said before, I'm a fiend for perfumes, so I love the Folle de Joie sample! It's light and fresh but also has staying power. Full size is $98, but when I get some more Birchbox points I think I will have to get it! Oh, and an interesting Editor's Tip from the Birchbox site: "After spritzing, be sure not to rub your wrists together, as doing so will bruise the scent". Either I've been doing perfume wrong for years, or apparently this is one delicate perfume - I've never heard of scents "bruising".

Total Box Score: 5