Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Man Candles

If you've shopped Yankee Candle in the past year, then you've probably noticed that they have a men's selection. And it keeps getting more and more hilarious! Maybe it's because I'm used to sellers marketing "man" products to women - remember the "for her" toolkits with the pink tools?

The packaging for "Man Town" especially cracks me up. Nothing says masculine like a remote in front of a TV showing some kind of sports! The name itself doesn't help it appear suave either.

And there really is bacon everything now. (Not that candles are the weirdest bacon scented/flavored things I've ever come across). Next time I get Yankee Candles while there's a sale, I may have to try it out of morbid curiosity =P ..Which is what I said about "Leather", and that turned out to be downright atrocious.

On to hilarious accessories:

Oh, come on now. 


(I have to say that I'd probably absentmindedly try to pick it up and use it as a real remote - while it contains lit tealights of course).

On an unrelated note, I have received my Wantable and ipsy for this month, so I will have those reviews up sometime soon =D

*Images are from the Yankee Candle email list