Thursday, May 30, 2013

Conscious Box May 2013

I was extra happy to get my Conscious Box this month, since I didn't get my April one! (At least they are providing me an extra month to compensate). This box was pretty heavy too, which is always exciting. =D I subscribe to the "Classic" box - they also have vegan and gluten-free subscription boxes.

They usually send a postcard with each box. (It's the flower and bee picture in the image above). Not sure if it's a random one or if everyone gets the same one each month. I don't have any use for postcards, but it's a nice touch I guess.

Box Contents:
(Note: For simplicity I've rounded them off to the nearest 25 cents)
Ultima Replenisher Health Drink packet in Lemonade - value approx $0.50
MRM Relax-All (packet of two capsules) - value approx $0.75
Orgain Healthy Kids Organic Shake in Vanilla - value approx $2
Healthy Hoohoo Feminine Cleanser packet - value approx $0.50
Earthpaste toothpaste in Wintergreen - value approx $7.50
Ecover Automatic Dishwasher tablets (2) - value approx $0.50
Somersaults Cinnamon Crunch snack - value approx $0.25
Dream Water shots (2) in Snoozeberry - value approx $6.50
BIJA tea packet in Lemon Ginger Echinacea - value approx $0.50

I also got some additional small samples (Earthpaste, Yes To Cucumbers sunscreen, and Herbamare) that I didn't think were worth trying to put an approximate value to.

There were also some coupons for things I don't really have any interest in, and I haven't been counting coupons towards the box value in my reviews.

Total Approximate Value (minus coupons): $19
Which is about what a Conscious Box costs. Not the greatest value for a subscription box, but I at least liked several things.

The kids' vanilla shake was pretty good, and had a satisfyingly rich taste for a "healthy shake" - meant for kids, but I enjoyed it =) There's adult versions of the shakes available too.

I've been using the Earthpaste fairly regularly. It's nice that it's full-sized! Not the best tasting toothpaste out there, but taste isn't exactly the most important thing about it to me.

The Dream Water came at a good time. I'd been seeing it in stores but hadn't tried it until recently. I'm currently working a ridiculously unstable schedule (NOT fun going back and forth between overnights and day shifts!), and when I try to sleep during the day, I get woken up a lot by hubby, the cats, the phone ringing, the doorbell ringing, etc. I really think this stuff works - it's a lot easier to go to sleep again when I've used one. I haven't used the MRM Relax-All capsules yet, but probably will soon because of the aforementioned reasons.

I liked the Somersaults snack a lot too. Usually cinnamon flavored things are either really sweet or have a kick to them, but these didn't, and didn't have a strong cinnamon taste to them. They were still tasty though!

Like many other subscribers I'm sure, I got a laugh out of the Healthy Hoohoo cleanser. I am not in the practice of uh, using specialized feminine cleanser, so I'm not sure if I'm going to try this out or not.

My least favorite item in here was definitely the Ecover dishwasher tablets. Ugh, they're worthless! I had to re-run the entire load because it left all kinds of food residue on my dishes (and I do rinse them off before putting them in the dishwasher). Back to using chemicals for me!

Box Score: 4