Friday, June 7, 2013

Blood is the New Black

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This is the general review page for Blood is the New Black. Each time I review them, it can affect its total score. I will award a score of 1 (awful) through 5 (awesomeness) on each of the following: content, value, uniqueness, shipping, customer service, and perks.

Service Type: Online store

About: Blood is the New Black is an online clothing store that sells mostly t-shirts. Their shirts feature artwork from emerging/underground artists, whom you support by buying their tees. My review(s) of them will be pertaining to their mystery "Bargain Bags" in their sale section - $25 for five shirts that are from the current or past season. You have to check back frequently as they'll run out of certain sizes or types of shirts for a while (waiting for another boyfriend tee bag!)

Cost (in USD): $25 for five shirts - which considering that full price for their shirts is $40+ each, not bad at all! And in my last bargain bag, I got some shirts that are still going for full price in their store!

Shipping From: Los Angeles, CA.

Shipping Schedule: They say they take 7-10 business days for processing and shipping before you get your package (in the US), but it didn't take nearly that long for me to get my bag.

Countries They Ship To: Looks like they'll ship to any country.

Bonuses: Free shipping if you order stuff adding up to $100 or more, but other than that they don't appear to have a rewards program.

Customer Service: N/A - I haven't had to contact customer service.

Individual Product Reviews: May 2013

Total HM! Score:
Content: 5 Shirts seem to be well made, and are definitely unique. Value: 5 You can get shirts in the bargain bag that retail at their store for $40+ each...and in each bargain bag  you get five shirts for $25! Uniqueness: 5 The artwork on the shirts is made by artists who aren't well known and mainstream. Shipping: 5 Shipping is faster than stated. Customer Service: N/A I haven't had to contact customer service about anything.  Perks: 2 Apart from the bargain bags and free shipping over $100, they don't offer anything as far as rewards, etc. Which is a shame considering how expensive their full-price shirts are.

Total Score: 4.4 on 1-5 scale