Monday, June 3, 2013 May 2013

Heeere's my May 2013 Goodies box! If you can't see it in the image, they included a card with the code "SKIPTHELINE" so you don't have to wait for them to send a subscription invite!

Cat not included!
 Box Contents (value rounded to the nearest quarter-dollar):

California Olive Ranch Olive Oil packets x2 - value $1.25
Sour Power Straws in strawberry - value $1.00
Sour Power Straws, assorted - value $1.00
Bronco Bob's Roasted Raspberry Chipotle Sauce - value $1.50
Numi Moroccan Mint tea - value $0.50
Kathie's Kitchen sea salt pumpkin seeds - value $1.00
Beanitos chips in white bean with sea salt - value $1.00
Zico coconut water - value $4.25

Total Approximate Box Value: $11.50

I also got a bag clip and a coupon for Wholly Guacamole. Not bad for a $7 box!

I don't like coconut water, so of course I got a honking liter of it! I've been drinking on it, but, eh, it's still coconut water. It might be good (or at least tolerable) flavored or as an ingredient in a fruity drink.

I do like to use olive oil in cooking, although I haven't cooked in a while. The California Olive Ranch packets will definitely get used though.

The other item I haven't tried yet is the Numi tea. It's caffeine free, and with my erratic schedule I've been having to rely on caffeinated drinks lately =P I like tea, though, so I will also use this.

The Sour Power Straws got eaten pretty quickly though! I like gummy candy anyway, and these were nice and soft (and sour!) They don't have that waxy taste/consistency like some brands do.

Beanitos were another big hit with me! They have a slightly different taste from typical tortilla chips (in a good way). Our Homeland carries Beanitos (although not a big variety), and I picked up the pinto bean ones, which are also good. Definitely will be buying these in the future, too. They're also delicious with melted shredded cheese on top..mmmmmmm!

The salted pumpkin seeds were okay, nothing too exciting or special - I don't typically buy pumpkin seeds and they're not exactly my favorite food, but these made a good snack.

My least favorite item out of the box was definitely the raspberry chipotle sauce! I don't like raspberries and I don't like fruity and spicy tastes together, so unsurprisingly I don't like this sauce. I tried it as a dipping sauce with chicken and quickly went back to my staple sweet and sour sauce (did I mention I don't cook a lot? =P) This is purely a personal preference though, so if you like that type of flavor, then you might like this.

In all, I thought this was an excellent box (it introduced me to Beanitos after all!) The things I didn't like are more about my personal taste and don't necessarily reflect the quality of the products, so I'm not counting them against the box score. I'm loving my Goodies Co subscription! They've introduced me to all kinds of tasty things I probably wouldn't have tried otherwise.

Box Score: 5