Sunday, June 9, 2013

Blood is the New Black (May 2013)

I recently got my bargain bag from Blood is the New Black, and I was pretty pleased! (I got the men's bargain bag in XL, since they didn't have a women's one in my size at that time).

This is the first shirt I took out, and it alone would have been worth the $25 cost of the bag to me... BEST. SHIRT. EVER. Apparently I'm not the only one who thinks that, since I got several compliments on it and was asked where I got it while I was out the other day =P ...will have to keep an eye on Demonbabies!

Not something I would have bought on my own, but good for lounging.

Not sure why, but this one's growing on me, despite being pretty ugly!

I like this one a has a melancholic feel to it.

The design is neat, but not something I would have bought myself.

It might be my imagination, but it seems like the shirts all fit a little differently, despite them all being XL and having the same shirt type.

At any rate, it was a good use of $25! =D

Bag Score: 5 on 1-5 scale