Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wantable - Makeup

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This is the general review page for Wantable's makeup subscription box. Each time I review one of their boxes, it can affect its total score. I will award a score of 1 (awful) through 5 (awesomeness) on each of the following: content, value, uniqueness, shipping, customer service, and perks.

Service Type: Monthly subscription service

About: Wantable actually has two monthly subscription boxes - one for makeup and one for jewelry. Right now I am only subscribed to the makeup box. A really cool thing about Wantable is that you have a high level of input into what goes into your box. Already have mascara out the wazoo? You can label it as "dislike" and you'll never receive any in your box. Can't get enough red lipstick or glittery nail polish? Label them as "love" and you're more likely to receive them.

Cost (in USD): Both the makeup and jewelry boxes are $36 monthly if you subscribe, or $40 if you get a one-time box. Shipping is free. Obviously if this is something you're going to want frequently, it's a better deal to do the subscription. It's more expensive than some other boxes, but you're supposed to get all full-size products with this one.

Shipping From: Milwaukee, WI, USA

Shipping Schedule: They ship to you on the same day every month depending on the day you signed up. For example, I signed up on May 4th, so I can expect them to ship around the 4th every month. Also, this is a good box if you like (relatively) instant gratification - they send you your first box shortly after signing up. No waiting a month or longer to start getting stuff!

Countries They Ship To: As far as I can tell they ship to the US only.

Bonuses: Referral program - You get $1 credit if a person signs up with your referral, and another $9 credit if they actually buy something.

Customer Service: N/A - I haven't had to contact customer service.

Individual Box Reviews: May 2013

Total HM! Score:

Content: Items are very high quality and they pay attention to what you specify in your profile. Value: Items in the box retail for almost three times that of the cost of the box! Uniqueness: Unlike most other subscription boxes, you have a high level of control over what they send you. Shipping: 5 Fast, I receive their products in a reasonable time frame. Customer Service: N/A Haven't had to contact customer service.  Perks: 4 Good, but not the best out there.

Total Score: 4.8