Sunday, May 12, 2013

Goodies Co.

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This is the general review page for Each time I review one of their boxes, it can affect its total score. I will award a score of 1 (awful) through 5 (awesomeness) on each of the following: content, value, uniqueness, shipping, customer service, and perks.

Service Type: Monthly subscription service

About: is basically Walmart (for some reason that feels like pertinent information that I should add...) They will send you 5-8 sample-sized food items per month. Generally they are newer or harder-to-find snacks than what you would find in your typical supermarket (or Walmart!) They do currently have a waiting list..I think I had to wait around 4 weeks before I got in.

Cost (in USD): $7 monthly, free shipping.

Shipping From: Alabama.

Shipping Schedule: You are expected to receive your box by the end of each month.

Countries They Ship To: Continental US only.

Bonuses: Good points system. You earn points mainly by rating, reviewing, and/or submitting photos of the items you've received. I've only received two boxes so far, and I'm already close to getting a free month. There's higher-tiered rewards too, but apparently it won't let me see what those are until I earn enough points. Surprisingly, they don't seem to offer a referral program.

Customer Service: N/A - haven't had to contact customer service.

Individual Box Reviews: May 2013

Total HM! Score:
Content: Products are high-quality and are things that I wouldn't typically find in stores or buy on my own. Value: Items in the box retail for around 1 1/2 times the $7 cost. Uniqueness: 4 There are many other food subscription boxes out there, but this is probably one of the cheapest ones and sends more obscure brands. Shipping: 5 Shipping speed is as expected. Customer Service: N/A I haven't had to contact customer service about anything.  Perks: 5 Points add up fast and they seem to be working on having more rewards available (currently you can use points to get free boxes).

Total Score: 4.8