Thursday, May 30, 2013

Julep - Hooray For May Mystery Box

Why yes, yes they are!
I got the "Hooray For May" mystery box from Julep (not part of the subscription, but an optional special edition). I'm still new to Julep - so far I've gotten one subscription box and one mystery box from them. These special boxes cost $24.99 ($5 more than a subscription box), and are supposed to contain $70-$200 worth of products. There's several versions of these boxes that they send out, and apparently if you're lucky you can get one that has more products in it than the others.

I got version 3. If anyone would like to share what they got in different versions please comment and let me know! =D

With this box you get one polish in a little bag that, according to Julep, you can either give it to a friend or keep for yourself. I'm keeping it for myself of course! This one was "Zora", a pale pink.

Then there's the other five polishes:
"Hilary" - gold-ish glittery
"Korin" - pea green
"Sheryl" - gold and sheer
"Lucy" - it was hard to tell exactly what color this was at first. It almost looks black in the bottle. When I actually put it on, it turned out to be a dark red (see last picture!)
"Glenn" - A really pretty red

I had a hard time deciding which to try first, so I went with Sheryl. It's a lot sheerer than I thought it would be, but still pretty. In the picture below, I think I ended up using three coats and it still wasn't really opaque:

That's been a couple of weeks ago, and today I decided to cut my nails and try another - I went with Lucy since I was curious what it actually looked like =P

Ignore the messiness! I don't really clean my nails up too well afterwards and the polish on my skin comes off well after a shower or two. Anyway, as you can see, it ended up being a dark red - really pretty!

This has been the third use of Julep polish for me so far, and I'm really pleased with them. They're pretty durable and with my previous two uses, I only had minor chipping by two weeks (I do use a clear top coat with them). My June box is on its way and I'm looking forward to it! =D

Box Score: 5 on 1-5 scale

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