Saturday, June 1, 2013

Little Black Bag (May 2013), Pixi

I recently got my first Little Black Bag shipment! Obviously it was heavy on the Pixi products. I'm a fan of eyeshadow pens in general, so I've gotten two more of theirs.

Out of my original bag (after trading):
- Pixi Lid Last eyeshadow pen in Graphite Glint - retails for $18
-Pixi Lid Last eyeshadow pen in Peach Pave - retails for $18
-Pixi Fairy Light Solo eyeshadow in Gilded Olive - retails for $15

-Pixi Lip Blush in Youth - retails for $18
-skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Pen - retails for $20

Total Value: $89
Total Spent: $50.78

So...not a bad deal! I had a lot of fun with the trading too, although I've heard that the trading was better before they changed.

Bag Score: 5 on 1-5 scale

Read more about LLB here!

Now I want to talk about Pixi =)

Like I said, I love eyeshadow pens anyway, and these were no exception. ...Then the day came when I wore down the point and needed to get more product out. Since they're plastic, I assumed that you would twist the bottom to make more come out, like other plastic eyeshadow pens. Well, that didn't work, but luckily before I broke it in my attempt to twist it, I did a little research online. Apparently you have to sharpen them. That sounds weird to sharpen plastic, but that's what you do. Now, the rather crappy thing is that the Lid Last pens are too fat to go in most makeup pencil sharpeners (even the ones for "big" pencils). I think I'd read online that there may be a few non-Pixi sharpeners that some people got to work, but that's the exception. Otherwise your only choice is to buy the Pixi brand sharpener. Target carries Pixi products, but neither of the two Target stores I checked in NW OKC carries the sharpener. Online I found it available on the Pixi website and on Birchbox. I like to order things off Birchbox on a regular basis anyway, so I ordered it from them. I just find it kind of irritating that Pixi made it so that you have to buy their sharpener. (If anyone knows specifically which other brands/kinds out there that can sharpen these things, please let me know!) But, well, I still like the pens (plus I have three of them now so I might as well get the stupid sharpener, heheh).

I like the Fairy Light Solo eyeshadow, too. It goes on easily and I really like the Gilded Olive shade I went with =)

The Lip Blush is ok, but not my favorite lip product. It's felt tip, so it feels like I'm coloring my lips with a magic marker (which I guess I kinda am)! The color doesn't go on very bold, but that's not necessarily a bad thing depending on what you're going for. I might try a different lip product from them in the future, but probably not another Lip Blush.